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Popular hosting addons include:
  • Online Meeting/WebMeeting: Download PDF Flyer More Info
    Want Web Presentation s/w without the headaches? No Setup, No Maintenance, Nothing to download. The World's Easiest To Use Software,DimDim. Try it for FREE (link top right of this page) or sign up for a 25,50,100 user Web Conferencing Sales Tool. Need an easy online web conferencing solution without an installation? Try Dimdim, it's easy, open and affordable. Sign up Now!

  • Web Call Us: Download PDF Flyer
    Put a button on your webpage when clicked, enables the viewer to call your office and get right into your sales team so you can address customer needs right when they are looking at your website.

  • Advertrack: Download PDF Flyer
    When you advertise, do you track what the conversion rate is, what ROI have you received on the advertising campaign? With our Advertrack, we give you the raw data and the digested reports in excel format. we can even integrate this report with your current customer list for a concise ROI on each advertising campaign.

  • VoIP Service: Download PDF Flyer
    Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a popular service that many companies are using. VoIP reduces your telcom charges and provides many additional services. Interlocking's VoIP services availability is a) Hosted VoIP, and b) On-site. With our hosted VoIP service, you never need to worry about upgrading your PBX or key system. We handle that all for you and it is FREE! Yes, you heard it, Free Upgrades on VoIP PBX services. If you want to have more control, we will be happy to install a PBX at your location.

  • Video Teleconferencing: For the Common Man Download PDF Flyer
    Video teleconferencing was, until now, very expensive. With new technological developments, video teleconferencing is affordable as a VoIP Service. Just $19.99/month and you can get unlimited video teleconferencing. Now that is a Great Deal!

  • Free Conference Calling: For the Common Man Download PDF Flyer
    Audio teleconferencing is the latest thing to build, train, and provide pep rallies for your network. Clone yourself with this free conferencing service. You can handle 100+ callers and you get a weekly report on the number of callers so you can track your progress. How can you Beat Free!?! Now that is a Great Deal!

  • Paid Conference Calling: For Serious Business Communications Download PDF Flyer
    The Paid Conference Calling Service offers custom 800 numbers and/or local calling numbers for your conference calls. You can handle 1,000+ callers, Yes that is 1,000+ callers, and you get a weekly report on the number of callers so you can track your progress. You can advertise the phone number and put a link right on your website. Build Your Network with our Paid Conference Calling Service. Now that is a Great Deal!

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Try Dimdim for the World's Easiest Onlline Meeting Try Dimdim for the World's Easiest Onlline Meeting

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